I’m Rich!

I grew up in a household without much money. There were many reasons for this, not the least of which was my father’s serious injury and subsequent disability. Despite the fears of some among us about “them welfare people gettin’ rich off our hard-earned tax dollars”, I can assure you we did not get rich living on SSDI.

But this is not a rant about conservatives or welfare or poverty. This is a collection of those moments when I knew I was rich. Continue reading


Around the Campfire

Twenty-some years ago I ran away from home for a weekend camping trip with members of the California Native Plant Society and the Audubon Society. They hiked at my speed, stopping to identify plants and birds along the way. It was a memorable weekend for many reasons but perhaps the best was the campfire after a day of hiking. As we each finished whatever supper we had brought, we swapped tales Continue reading