An Old Favorite

It is moving time. Time to clean out, part with old treasures, admit that some of those former “treasures” are no longer that important in the scheme of things. And time to rediscover favorites.

There are at least a couple of books that have been so important to me over the years that they will go wherever I go. Many years ago I found Where the Sky Began by John Madson in the public library. We were getting ready for a trip to Grandma’s in Iowa and I wanted to rediscover my roots in the tall grass prairie. Continue reading


A Code of Morals

I have been fascinated with radio since I was 11 or 12 years old. I’d listen late at night to my trusty Zenith pulling in all those Clear Channel AM broadcast stations from all over the country. I didn’t understand much about radio and asking any questions would have revealed that I was listening to that evil rock and roll, so I kept all those questions to myself and just added more to them over the years. Continue reading

Piece of Cake!

I was working with a boy whose intellectual capacity was not up to par who had the added handicap of speaking neither his native language nor mine. He understood some of his language and eventually picked up on one of my favorite phrases. Every time he did something I asked him to do and did it well, I’d say “Well, that was a piece of cake”. “Piece of cake” he’d echo. Continue reading