The Blogger’s Dashboard

A few minutes ago I posted Why Wouldja Wanna Volunteer, then walked away from the computer. Stretched my legs, made sure the cat had fresh water, tried to figure out what was beeping from time to time, and came back to this slowly dying computer.

I wonder if anybody has read my post yet. Yeah…that was fast. One visit, two views. Hm, they read the post twice. So I hit refresh and now there are three views. Whoever this is, they were referred here by FaceBook, so they must be one of my friends there. They are in the US. Have they read any more? Hit refresh…yep, now there are four views but still only one visitor. Hm, wonder if they’re still there. Hey, they just read another post. Another minute. Another refresh. Another view. Still the same visitor. I can see what posts they have read. Slowly the total climbs to nine. And then it ends. Ahh…my friend is gone. One visitor, nine views. With each view, the bar graph at the top of the page gets a little higher.

Oho…here comes another. I’ve never done this before, just sitting and watching the stats page after posting. Now I have two visitors, this one also from the US, but not referred by FB. Must be a follower. Hm, no more views. Two visitors, still nine views. Check it two or three more times. Nothing changes.

Let me go check again. OK, they read the latest post, so now I’m up to two visitors and ten views.

Here’s the sad part. Neither of my viewers has commented. Neither has “liked” the post. Neither has responded on FB.

The latest update says this one was referred by FB as well as the first one but there are no more views. And I still don’t have any idea who has read these posts. INQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW!

Now I’m up to eleven views and the current post has been viewed four times. Do they really like it that well? Do they think I’m nuts for volunteering? Are they disgusted and thinking “get a grip, woman…we don’t really give a flying bleep what you’ve done for free”? Or is something in the stats counting the current post twice? This brain is curious.

I need to go find that used bookstore Scott told me about, get a good book for the train ride next week. I need to get off this incredibly uncomfortable chair before my legs lose all circulation. I NEED TO GET OFF THIS COMPUTER! I’ll just hit refresh one more time. Well, maybe twice.

If you don’t comment, I won’t tell you what I found.


9 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Dashboard

  1. karenrsanderson says:

    I need to go read the other post. You are funny. I don’t look at any stats -ever. On my FB, FB fan page (that’s slowly dying, I can feel it), my blog…


  2. Oops, it looks like something got cut off your comment, Karen. How can you not check the stats page?? I usually check it 2 or 3 times after I post something, usually a day or more later. I guess I was just bored today.


    • karenrsanderson says:

      No, nothing got cut off. I left off with the ….. And it’s true. I never check stats. Because I don’t care. I blog and write what I want and if you don’t like it, I don’t care. If a subscriber contacts me personally, then I start another conversation.


  3. Barbara Glover says:

    Volunteering is different than a paid job. You do the volunteer one because you feel connected in a more personal way. If you didn’t you would take your talents elsewhere. Hope you will continue to find the rewards. Safe travels north!


    • I also have learned so much from volunteer jobs. Several have been jobs that I “grew into”…I didn’t know enough about them to have a hope of being paid for but wound up gaining skills that were useful in finding work.


  4. Or someone is just messing with you!! I check my stats and would love to know who reads which post. And aren’t the visits marking someone who hasn’t been there in a week? I’m not sure how they are counted. But I’m going to go read the post now.


    • Donna, your photo blog is the one I follow and I almost always click “like”. But whether I click or not, rest assured I always enjoy your posts. I’ll just have to remember to be sure to click.


  5. Some of that might have been me going back and forth because I couldn’t remember my wordpress login and was trying to log in with Facebook. Hope my comment on that post showed up? I’m like Karen. I don’t look at stats and they say you should.


    • I didn’t know anything about stats until my daughter showed me on the trip we took to Seattle a couple of years ago. For a while I was obsessed with them, then decided, like Karen, that I wrote what I wrote and if somebody liked it, that was great. If they didn’t…so be it. I’m not sure where today’s obsession came from. It was kind of fun, though.


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