Chasing Old Hot Pants

Roughly 25 years ago I spent a few days with a cousin, one of my “grown-up” cousins that I didn’t know very well. By the late 80s, we were both quite grown up and enjoyed exchanging stories about our fathers’ family. She had done a fair amount of genealogy study but hadn’t found much past our great grandfather. She gave me all the information she had and expressed the hope that I’d be able to find something more.

That sounded like something little old ladies did when they ran out of other more productive things to do. I’d keep the information for “one of these days”, but didn’t tell her that. Continue reading


A Moment of Recognition

A couple of recent blogposts have tumbled together in my mind for the last few days and it is time to bring to light an extraordinary effort by a friend and fellow blogger.

On September 20 I blogged about being a volunteer and asked readers about their volunteer experiences. We all seemed to agree that we took volunteer jobs to enjoy the company of folks with similar interests or to do our part in our community or to meet new people.

About the same time, friend and blogger Elizabeth Cottrell posted “In Praise of Courtesy” on her blog. The essence of courtesy is to treat other people as we would like to be treated. Continue reading