More Than a Moment

This blog is generally about those moments that change our lives in some way. They are often recognizable as one of Those Moments only with the passage of time.

Lately my life has changed considerably and it has been going on for most of the past year. That’s definitely more than a moment!

This time last year we were trying to stay warm in our 19th century Virginia farmhouse, hauling firewood in and ashes out. All of the warm ‘n cozy images of a nice wood fire had grown old and worn. We weren’t too far into spring when we decided enough was enough. We put the house on the market, it sold quickly, we cleaned and sorted and sold and gave away and put in storage lots of stuff and by the end of June handed over the keys to someone else.

Somewhere in this process, we made the decision to separate, at least on a trial basis. Soon after the sale of the house, I left to visit numerous friends on my way to California. The trip, with its many stops and starts, is chronicled in my other blog,

I arrived at our son’s house a couple of miles from where we had raised him in Santa Maria, CA and stayed there until our daughter’s baby was due in Seattle. The baby was a little early, my train a little late, and Eloise Rose arrived an hour before I did.

My husband had arrived in Seattle with our RV a while before and we stayed on our daughter’s driveway until mid-November, then we moseyed our way down to Santa Maria, blogging regularly about the trip. Before we left for a few weeks in the desert, I started in earnest looking for a place to live and found a mobile home a couple of miles from our son’s home.

I moved in a couple of weeks ago and am getting somewhat settled, given that most of my “stuff” is in storage 3000 miles away. I’ve acquired some furniture and am enjoying my new home after being officially “homeless” for over six months. I even have a tiny patch of dirt to call my own and will once again have a rose garden, all in due time. Right now there are too many other things on my to-do lists!

We have decided to go our separate ways for now. He will return to Virginia once the worst of winter is over and I will stay here. At some point I will head east to retrieve some of the things I want most but it is amazing how well I’m surviving without things that I thought meant so much to me.

I’m sure there will be food for thought and maybe for blogging as I go through this process of becoming independent again. Stay tuned—I think the muse has found her way to my new home!

The view as I leave my mobile home park.

The view as I leave the mobile home park.


7 thoughts on “More Than a Moment

  1. Joan Blocher says:

    Thank you for letting us know.


  2. karenrsanderson says:

    I’m sorry you are separating, and I wish you the best…whatever path you take, wherever you live, whatever future you choose…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Karen. I think you’ve been down a similar road. I appreciate your good wishes and I admire you for getting your life together and moving on.


      • karenrsanderson says:

        Similar, but not the same. None of my marriages lasted more than a half dozen years (jerks). I realized, after the last divorce, that I am better ALONE. And I’m enjoying the weather (not) and being near my grandkids. 🙂 Family and grandkids is everything to me. Thank goodness I have the freedom to follow my family.


  3. Barbara Glover says:

    Wishing you many happy days on the journey!


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