When we start on this journey of life, the destination is so far in front of us we cannot imagine where or when we will reach it. We cannot comprehend the changes we will see, both changes in the world around us and the ones within us. At some point, probably when we’re “over the hill”, we start seeing glimpses of that far horizon. It is hard to say which is more challenging, the vast uncertainty of our youth or the narrowing of our options when youth is gone.

With any luck, we have learned a great deal on our journey. We have met people whose lives have changed our own. We have lost people whose loss changes us forever. But most amazing to me are the tiny ripples that have nudged us in this direction or that, often without our immediate recognition of their importance. It is those nudges I wish to recall now and I welcome comments from others on the ripples they have found that have guided them.

I am not ready yet to live in the past. I trust that there is still plenty of future for me to enjoy. But I do want to pause and reflect on those people, thoughts, and events that have helped in small ways to shape the person I am right now.

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  1. A worthy endeavor, Esther…thank you for taking us along for the ride. I hadn’t realized you were doing this blog too until I read about it in Karen’s latest post on travel journaling.


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