Chasing Old Hot Pants

Roughly 25 years ago I spent a few days with a cousin, one of my “grown-up” cousins that I didn’t know very well. By the late 80s, we were both quite grown up and enjoyed exchanging stories about our fathers’ family. She had done a fair amount of genealogy study but hadn’t found much past our great grandfather. She gave me all the information she had and expressed the hope that I’d be able to find something more.

That sounded like something little old ladies did when they ran out of other more productive things to do. I’d keep the information for “one of these days”, but didn’t tell her that. Continue reading


The Blogger’s Dashboard

A few minutes ago I posted Why Wouldja Wanna Volunteer, then walked away from the computer. Stretched my legs, made sure the cat had fresh water, tried to figure out what was beeping from time to time, and came back to this slowly dying computer.

I wonder if anybody has read my post yet. Continue reading

One Spooky Night

Not until today, Halloween, did I realize I had my own ghostly story to tell. Should I tell it? The scientific method informs my thoughts far more than any belief in the supernatural but one scary night long ago really happened and I’ve never been able to understand it. Perhaps someone else can make more sense of it.

My father’s funeral came in the depth of an Iowa winter. Continue reading