Ancient (?) History

How  old do we have to be before we realize that history is more than just the dates dead people did things?

World War II was ancient history to me—after all it was over more than a year before I was born! Never mind that the most common topic of conversation among children was “what did your daddy do in the war” or that every time we tossed a handful of dirt into the air, we yelled “bombs over Tokyo”. My daddy was too old to go to war, so I had no point of reference there and I had no clue what a bomb was or what Tokyo meant—it was just something we said. Continue reading


What Colors Are In Your Bag?

Do you have a learning disability? Do you have symptoms of mental illness?

Yeah, you probably do. Most folks have quite a few of the above and some of us can even put the official labels on them. Does that mean you are learning disabled or mentally ill? Probably not…most of us are pretty normal. Continue reading