Bradley Road

For more than twenty years we lived in a subdivision with lots of short streets and cul-de-sacs. Getting to the “outside” involved going down the hill, around the bend, a few turns and finally a four-way stop at Bradley Road. From there Bradley took us towards town or to the shopping center a couple of blocks away on Clark. Almost everywhere we wanted to go involved Bradley Road.

In the late Nineties we were looking forward to early retirement and a year or so of travel in our RV. We had lived in California for thirty-some years and knew that one of our goals of traveling was to find some place else to live. Our children were grown and beginning their own lives. We figured they would move elsewhere, so why shouldn’t we? Continue reading


One Country Christmas

By Christmas of 1958 we were old enough to know that trees and decorations were not the reason we celebrated Christmas.  We also understood we couldn’t squander a week’s grocery money on a tree but privately I grieved that the big box marked “Christmas” would spend another year undisturbed in the attic.  There would be no lights to go dark when one bulb burned out, no icicles reflected in silvery glass balls. Continue reading

The Master’s Hands

A blog post today reminded me of an old favorite poem. Take a moment and go read “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” on Denise Hisey’s blog. It’s a short poem that’s always touched my heart.

I must be the first of many generations of both sides of my family not to inherit any musical talent. My father played the violin, not professionally, but for his own pleasure and for special music at church from time to time. Mother played the piano, and both sang. Continue reading

Intro to BiSci

For someone who had intended to major in biology, it was strange to find myself taking Introduction to Biological Sciences. Reality had set in when too much chemistry and not enough preparation killed my teenage dreams of being a doctor. So here I was in a general education class with 80-some students who really did not like science.

One week our instructor announced he was willing to take the university van and order box lunches for whoever would like to take a field trip on Saturday. No extra credit, just the chance to learn something that probably would not be on any test. Continue reading